In the beginning, there was only a modest lathe workshop of Mr Penbegullu. Since 1976 it's been a long time and today, PM Group is a market leader in the wood industry field of material handling systems, storage silo systems and industrial automation.

Founded in 2020, PM Group is a global group of companies with a production history of more than 45 years. From a humble beginning, the company has over the past 10 decades expanded and diversified via serving both national and international customer alike. In 3 plants, around 15k square meters of production area, the Group operates different industries like machine production, automation systems, silo systems and intralogistics. The Group companies are Patent Machinery and Engineering, Pm Automation (Software and Control) and LogiMotiv. (Intralogistics systems)

Today, Pm Group is a single-source provider of turnkey automation solutions, able to handle virtually all aspects of projects in-house, from system design and fabrication to controls, installation and aftermarket support. The Group gives services in the Middle East And Europe in more than 15 countries and territories. PM Group treats customers as business partners and always do the best for their business. Every activity is carried out together with the customer, in order to fully interpret and satisfy his needs.

Pm Group helps to meet the growing demand of the world economically, environmentally and socially in responsible ways and adds values to people and businesses via the quality of products and innovative solutions.

Our expertise in the industry along with our companies guiding principles allows us to move forward in the industry.

Subsidiaries of PM Group

PM Group Headquarter (Kocaeli / Turkey) is dealing with financial and administrative affairs, logistics, procurement, human resources, information technology and quality management activities for the Group of companies. Also, engages in sales and marketing activities region of Turkey, Europe, the Middle East and Russia.

Patent Machinery and Engineering (Kocaeli/Turkey) is the leading manufacturing company in the wood industry in Turkey. Deals with the design and production of conveyor systems, MDF-particle board production lines, sanding lines for MDF-particle board, package-plate turning systems, feeding and stacking systems, MDF press production lines and field works, MDF press exhaust gas suction systems manufacturing, exhaust gas filtering systems, exhaust gas dust separation and filtering systems. Also, the Company is capable of producing packaging machines, robotic systems, cartesian robot systems, lifting equipment and special projects up to customers needs.

PM Automation (Kocaeli/Turkey)is the industrial control and software group company. Especially well known automation supplier in the wood industry in Turkey. Deals with the design and production of electrical cabinets, electrical projects, PLC and control issues.

LogiMotiv (Kocaeli/Turkey) is the intralogistics system supplier group company. The Company draws its strength from more than 10 years of intralogistics and over 45 years of production experiences. The Company solutions are conveyor systems, sorter systems, pallet automation, order picking & automated guided vehicles, automated warehouses, production lines, loading & unloading systems, volume, end of line operations, bespoke conveyors, robotics, ASRS and RFID systems. The markets served by the firm are e-commerce, logistics, fashion, health & cosmetics, white goods, postal & parcel, production, tire industry, airport, food industry and electronics.

Endmaksan Machinery and Engineering (Düzce/Turkey) is the leading silo and silo systems manufacturing company in Turkey. Deals with the design and production of silo systems, special machine and production line projects for the wood industry, fully automated bag emptying systems, manual bag emptying systems, Big-Bag filling, discharging and weighing systems.

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